Evening Guests

The honour of your company is requested for the Wedding of Jade Samantha Cordery and Christopher John Hindle.

Please RSVP by May 1st

Saturday 8th September 2018

Arrival Time

Please ensure you arrive before this for a 6:30pm start or you will miss out


Arrival Time

Please ensure you arrive before this for a 6:30pm start or you will miss out


Final Call At The Bar


Final Call At The Bar



The Old Finsbury Town Hall, Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4RP

Transport Nearest Tube Stations

Angel, Northern line, 10 min walk

Kings Cross, st Pancras, 18 min walk

Farringdon, Thameslink trains direct from Bedford and Brighton, 12 min walk

Can I park at the venue?

The venue is best reached by public transport. If you wish to drive please research the local area.


When to arrive?

Please arrive at 6:30pm promptly.

Dress Code

Our wedding theme is 1920’s but fear not this is NOT fancy dress up. Please dress cocktail/formal.

Can we bring children?

We love children dearly but would like to keep the day adult only. If this is an issue please feel free to contact the Bride or Groom.

Can I share pictures of the wedding on social media?

Feel free. #Jindle Wedding

Gift information

We are delighted to ask you to our wedding, if you would like to give a gift please see information below.

Though we would love gifts on our day, we are travelling back to Australia a few days after the wedding and our baggage will not allow us to take anything back. We therefore ask if you would like to give a gift, that you please give cash as this will fit nicely in our suitcase. We would love to put this money towards our Honeymoon and will be sure to give everyone an update on our adventure. Alternatively, we will provide a gift list to David Jones an Australian home website in April where you can buy a gift closer to our home.

Where To Stay

Travelodge, Kings Cross or Farringdon, 10-12 min walk

Crowne Plaza, Kings Cross, 6 min walk

Point A Hotel, Kings Cross, 14 min walk

Hilton London Angel, 15 mins walk

Keystone House, 14 mins walk

These are just suggestions; no deal has been made with the hotels. Feel free to browse the area for the best deal.

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